20×20 magazine is a square platform for writings, visuals and cross-bred projects.

Rather than on a theme, each issue is assembled around meta-words to be interpreted, researched, illustrated according to a loose, wide and multi-angled perspective. The intent is to create homogeneity of spirit within each issue, without the restrictions of a ‘theme’ as such.

The magazine includes 3 sections:

Words – in the shape of fiction, essays, poetry
Visions – drawings, photography and visual projects
The Blender – where words and visions cross paths

20×20 magazine is a project by editors Giovanna Paternò and Francesca Ricci.

Click here for submission guidelines, please email submission to: submit[at]20×20magazine[dot]com

For any other communication contact us at: info[at]20x20magazine[dot]com

PLEASE NOTE: we do not review or list art exhibitions.

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